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The Autside Mandoline 2-Paddle Bundle - Both Mandoline Colorways

The Autside Mandoline 2-Paddle Bundle

Both Mandoline Colorways
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Why choose just one? Enjoy both colorways of the Autside Mandoline. 

  • The Autside Mandoline - Sky Blue / Vintage Red
  • The Autside Mandoline - Vintage Red / Navy

As our first-generation paddle, The Mandoline has the responsibility of bringing both newcomer success and veteran edge to its performance and play. Inspired by the instrument but clearly named after the culinary utensil, The Mandoline is engineered with a polypropylene core and graphite face to ensure uncommon command of pickle play. Pay heed, as this paddle will be known for its julienne cuts and wicked slices and ensure that we all must RESPECT THE KITCHEN.


  • USA Pickleball Approved
  • Honeycomb Polypropylene Core
  • Graphite Face
  • Durable Edge Guard 
  • Medium Weight (7.08oz)
  • Core Thickness of 0.594”
  • Black cushion grip with perforated holes.
  • Made in the USA