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Mission & Partners

We believe in the power of play.

Autside will designate a portion of every sale to non-profits dedicated to supporting autistic individuals.

Mission & Partners

Autside is honored to partner with the following organizations that support autistic individuals and the autism community at large in so many meaningful ways. Please check them out and support them by purchasing Autside products or by donating to them directly.

ACEing Autism

ACEing Autism is on a mission for children with autism to grow, develop and benefit from social connections and fitness through affordable tennis programming, uniquely serving individual needs while filling a national void for this growing and worthy population.

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To Be Like Me

It is To Be Like Me’s mission to break down the barriers that exist for those with disabilities and shed light on the positive impact of inclusion, ignite compassion, and foster awareness of the unique abilities of others.

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Imagine A Way

Imagine A Way provides financial support and a network of resources to children with autism in central Texas and the greater Houston area.


Meet Derek Handler

The Autside Community Ambassador of Play

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If you’re inspired to support our community partners, check out our awesome line of outdoor games and accessories. 

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