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Announcing Community Partnership with To Be Like Me

Autside is proud to announce our newest Community partner, To Be Like Me. To Be Like Me is a non-profit organization that aims to break down barriers that exist for those with disabilities and shed light on the positive impact of inclusion, ignite compassion, and foster awareness of the unique ability of others.

To Be Like Me is an organization that sets children up for success that struggle from various differences and disabilities. To Be Like Me does amazing work such therapy and education for those with differences, including Autism, something that is dear to the heart of Autside and what our brand stands for. 

At Autside, we are a brand that believes in giving back to the community. Autside donates a portion of every sale to organizations and groups that help individuals with Autism, and we are excited to be able to donate to To Be Like Me. 


To learn more / donate to this wonderful organization, go to

You also can support To Be Like Me by purchasing any Autside product, as 5% of sales go directly to our dedicated Community Partners.